Selasa, 17 Desember 2013

Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

Dashing Through the Snow: A Vintage Sled Shelf

a vintage sled becomes a winter wall shelf via http:/
Yesterday I kind of showed you my new shelf. My Crochet Thread Snowmen were sitting on it in their debut. I made the shelf from a rusty and weathered old sled. It's the perfect winter accessory for my living room!
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Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Crochet Thread Snowmen

Crochet Thread Snowmen via
I picked up some spools of crochet thread at the thrift store the last time I was there knowing they were the perfect makings for some more snowmen!
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Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

Christmas Countdown Dollar Store Project {and a Printable!}

Christmas Countdown Printable via

My kids are always asking me, "how many days until {insert event here}?" So when I saw a clever countdown sign, I knew I had to recreate it! This version uses a frame from the dollar store and a printed graphic behind the glass. Cheap and easy. My favorite kind of project (especially with the hustle and bustle of the holidays!).
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Kamis, 05 Desember 2013


Painted Burlap Sign in a Red Rustic Frame via
I love it when I find great frames for cheap. It gives me the perfect excuse to make another burlap sign, like the Christmas version I'm sharing today.
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Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

My Own Little Christmas Corner

Charlie Brown Tree in a Bushel Basket via
In my house, Christmas decorating is all about the kids. We have all sorts of character ornaments on our tree, not to mention a boatload of handmade ornaments from throughout the years, most of which I can attribute to my own little munchkins. I love each and every thing on our tree. But I also have a real desire to do a pretty theme for my Christmas decorating. This year, I think I've accomplished both!
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Senin, 02 Desember 2013

Candy Cane Wreath

turning a bundt pan into a Christmas wreath via
When you always have a bundt pan hanging around, like I seem to, you find lots of things to do with them. Our latest bundt pan creation is a candy cane wreath.
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